Claro's StdLib Module Documentation Generation Is Still a WIP.

This is currently just a placeholder to at least ensure that all the StdLib Modules are represented here so that you don't have to dig into the GitHub repo to find this. But, expect this to improve and become more interactive over time.

# This module simply exposes the functionality from java.util.ArrayDeque<E> to Claro programs. See:
#   -

# Deque = "Double-ended queue".
opaque newtype mut Deque<E>


provider create<T>() -> Deque<T>;
function of<T>(elems: [T]) -> Deque<T>;
function withCapacity<T>(initialCapacity: int) -> Deque<T>;

consumer addAllToFront<T>(deque: Deque<T>, elems: [T]);

consumer addFirst<T>(deque: Deque<T>, t: T);
consumer addLast<T>(deque: Deque<T>, t: T);

consumer clear<T>(deque: Deque<T>);

# TODO(steving) Claro's intended to have support for the builtin `copy()` function. For $java_type's however this can't
# TODO(steving)   be automatically generated, so I need some mechanism for $java_type's to provide a function for that
# TODO(steving)   copying implementation.
function clone<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> Deque<T>;

function contains<T>(deque: Deque<T>, t: T) -> boolean;
function containsAll<T>(deque: Deque<T>, elems: [T]) -> boolean;

consumer forEach<T>(deque: Deque<T>, action: consumer<T>);

function isEmpty<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> boolean;

function peekFirst<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> oneof<T, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;
function peekLast<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> oneof<T, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;

function pollFirst<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> oneof<T, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;
function pollLast<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> oneof<T, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;

function removeAll<T>(deque: Deque<T>, elems: [T]) -> oneof<std::OK, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;
function removeElement<T>(deque: Deque<T>, t: T) -> oneof<std::OK, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;
function removeFirst<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> oneof<T, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;
function removeFirstOccurrence<T>(deque: Deque<T>, t: T) -> oneof<std::OK, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;
function removeIf<T>(deque: Deque<T>, predicate: function<T -> boolean>) -> oneof<std::OK, DEQUE_UNCHANGED>;
function removeLast<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> oneof<T, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;
function removeLastOccurrence<T>(deque: Deque<T>, t: T) -> oneof<std::OK, NO_SUCH_ELEMENT>;

function retainAll<T>(deque: Deque<T>, elems: [T]) -> oneof<std::OK, DEQUE_UNCHANGED>;

function size<T>(deque: Deque<T>) -> int;